What Are the Maintenance Tips of Spun Pole Mould?

Pulished on Jul. 01, 2019

Everyone knows that the maintenance of Spun Pole Mould is very important, because once the equipment fails, it will affect the normal production operation of the company, so we must do the daily maintenance of the equipment. Today, Concrete Electric Pole Machine Supplier introduces you to the tips of maintaining Spun Pole Mould.

Spun Pole Mould's daily work and even normal work, weekday inspections and repairs are indispensable. With good habits of good inspection and maintenance, the life of cement pipe machines will naturally prolong. Spun Pole Mould's inspection cycle mainly depends on the wear of the frame lining and the conical lining. During the repair, the broken conical lining should be replaced, the drive shaft and the transmission bushing should be repaired or replaced. Make maintenance records for reference, solve problems in time, and extend the life of cement pipe machines.

Spun Pole Mould

The inspection is mainly to check the suspension device, dustproof device, etc., as well as repair the lubrication system and replace the lubricating oil. Lubricating oils are very important and are an integral part of extending the life of Spun Pole Mould.