Pressurization Method of Cement Pipe Machine

Pulished on Jul. 08, 2019

Today, Paving Brick Machine Supplier introduces the pressurization method of cement pipe machine:

The pressing method of the cement pipe making machine is one-sided, one-impact type, the brick material is pressed from one side in the brick press, one impact is formed, and the other is double-sided segmented pressing type, which is added The pressing process is carried out in stages. The first section is lighter, the second section is heavier, and the third section acts on both sides to complete the entire forming process, with a pause period between each section to exclude air. The purpose of brick preform molding is to process the loose mixture into the bricks of the required specifications. The quality of the bricks is largely determined by the quality of the bricks. The output of the Concrete Electric Pole Machine determines the factory output. Therefore, the bricks are formed. It is a key process in the production of cement bricks. For cement bricks without aggregates, when single-sided one-stage impingement is applied, the ultimate forming pressure is only six to eight Pa. When the two-side section is pressed, the ultimate forming pressure reaches ten to twelve Pa, with the limit. The molding pressure is improved, the brick embryo density is improved, the bulk density of the cement pipe machine is increased, and the product quality is correspondingly improved.

The above is the pressure method of Cement Pipe Machine. I hope everyone knows. For more information, please visit:

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