Paving Brick Machine Instructions I

Pulished on Mar. 06, 2019

As a Paving Brick Machine Factory, Shengya will tell you how to use the paving machine.

1. Preliminary work: According to the width of the paved road, adjust the main machine of the Paving Brick Machine to the appropriate width, determine the direction of the upper brick, then install the upper brick conveyor to the bricklayer, and work on the brick conveyor. After the machine width and conveying section are adjusted properly, the partial bolts are sturdy to ensure that the bolts will not loosen during operation.

2. Sidewalk paving: Ensure that the sidewalks on both sides of the sidewalk have been closed and closed. Take the road along the stone plane as the benchmark. At the beginning of the paving, spread the mat sand to a length of 5 meters, width and curb The inner side of the stone is consistent, the height difference between the upper plane of the mat sand and the plane along the stone, (the plane of the mortar is lower than the plane of the curb) is adjusted according to the thickness of the brick.

3. Square or flat paving: There is no roadside stone (ie, a datum) in the square or flat paving. In this case, two square steel pipes of size 100--150MM are used as similar curbstones. The function is used, after the steel pipe is stabilized, the working steps are the same as the paving of the sidewalk above.

4. After the road surface condition is processed, turn on the power of the tiler. On the control panel, there are two speed adjustment knobs. After the numbers on the two speed panels are adjusted, turn on the remote control and test the machine walking part. After error-free, drive the machine to the sidewalk to be paved, point the machine to the center of the sidewalk, and drive it onto the sidewalk with the cushioned sand. Pay attention to the direction of the fuselage, and the front and bottom of the fuselage. The starting position of the paving bricks is preferably maintained at 1.5 meters.

Paving Brick Machine