What Are The Requirements For Concrete Used In Concrete Pole Machine?

Pulished on Mar. 04, 2019

Shengya, a Concrete Pole Machine Factory, tells everyone about the requirements of concrete pole machine for cement uniformity and stability, and hopes to help everyone.

To understand the relevant knowledge of cement pipe molds, we need to know what cement concrete is. Cement concrete is commonly used as concrete. It refers to cement as cementing material. After adding proper amount of aggregate and water, it is hardened. Artificial stone, it is also known as cement concrete or ordinary concrete (referred to as concrete).

As the use of concrete is getting larger and larger, the scope of application is becoming wider and wider, and the quality requirements for concrete are getting higher and higher. This requires that the cement not only has the quality suitable for the purpose of use, but also makes the quality uniform and Stable, especially in the use of functions should be uniform and stable, otherwise it will bring a lot of trouble to the concrete preparation work, and will affect the stability of concrete moisture content, affecting the quality of concrete. For the uniformity of cement, the cement standard stipulates that all kinds of cement components should be mixed and ground. The standard also allows some components to be separately ground and then mixed, but the cement should be separated from the same as the co-mixed cement. Uniformity. It is also stipulated that cement of acceptable quality must be stored in a cement silo with sufficient capacity before being shipped. It is not allowed to be shipped directly after grinding or mixing without passing through the intermediate silo.

The Concrete Pole Machine requirements for cement uniformity and stability are first introduced here. Welcome new and old customers to consult the related issues of concrete pole machine.

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