Selection And Use Of Concrete Electric Pole Machine

Pulished on Jun. 15, 2019

Concrete Electric Pole Machine Supplier to share the choice and use of Concrete Electric Pole Machine. Unlike other mechanical equipment, the Concrete Electric Pole Machine is not the larger the output, the better, and it depends on the size of the site and the actual needs, otherwise, it will cause waste of resources, resulting in cost increase.

Not only the Concrete Electric Pole Machine but also the optional suspension machine. The suspension rolls are made of steam or natural curing to achieve a standard strength of the formed pipe, with an average efficiency of 6-8 knots per hour. Simple operation, stable operation, reliable and durable, and low failure rate.

Concrete Electric Pole Machine

In general, the Concrete Electric Pole Machine takes one day to perform open-air maintenance after the fight, and the mold can be opened the next day. After the mold is opened, it takes 4-6 days of natural maintenance. Every day, a special person must spray the cement pipe three times. The time is usually once in the morning, once in the afternoon, once in the afternoon. The purpose of the water spray is to keep the concrete of the Concrete Electric Pole Machine so that the concrete can solidify slowly. The number of water sprays can also increase and decrease the number of water sprays depending on the weather conditions and the humidity of the weather.