What is the pressure method of the Cement Pipe Machine?

Pulished on Nov. 04, 2019

As a Cement Pipe Machine Manufacturer, there is some information to share with you. Cement pipe machine has the advantages of the wide source of raw materials, low energy consumption, long service life, and low maintenance cost. It can save energy, reduce the production cost, and adopt high-quality imported materials and unique welding process to make the structure of the equipment more compact. It has good sealing performance, can be effectively dustproof and sandproof, and is suitable for various harsh environments. The new cement pipe making machine is fully automatic, which is controlled by computer to make the production more efficient, and the advanced hydraulic system ensures the stability and efficiency of production. It is the main model on the market. It has been widely used in engineering construction and has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. It has become an indispensable important product in national economic construction.

Cement Pipe Machine

Cement Pipe Machine

Cement Pipe Machine's pressurization method is one-sided, one-impact type, brick material is pressed from one side in the brick press, one impact, and the other is double-sided stepped pressure type, which is pressurized The process is done in segments. The first section is lighter, the second section is heavier, and the third section acts on both sides to complete the entire forming process, with a pause period between each section to exclude air. The purpose of brick embryo molding is to process the loose mixture into bricks of the required specifications. The quality of the bricks is largely determined by the quality of the bricks. The output of the cement pipe machine determines the factory output. Therefore, the bricks are formed. It is a key process in the production of cement bricks. For cement bricks without aggregates, when single-sided one-stage impingement is applied, the ultimate forming pressure is only six to eight Pa. When the two-side section is pressed, the ultimate forming pressure reaches ten to twelve Pa, with the limit. The molding pressure is improved, the brick embryo density is improved, the bulk density of the cement pipe machine is increased, and the product quality is correspondingly improved.

The cement pipe making machine is different from other mechanical equipment. It is not the larger the production class, the better it is, and it should be determined according to the size of the site and the actual needs. Otherwise, it will cause a waste of resources and thus increase the cost. Although China's new cement pipe material production is lagging behind in foreign countries for several years, in recent years China has vigorously advocated cement pipe machine equipment, so the industry is developing very rapidly, and it has been comparable to developed countries in just a few years. It can improve efficiency and profit while saving land resources.

It is not just a cement pipe machine, but also the purchase of a suspension machine. The suspension rolls are made of steam or natural curing to achieve a standard strength of the formed pipe, with an average efficiency of 6-8 knots per hour. Simple operation, stable operation, reliable and durable, and low failure rate.

Generally, after the cement pipe machine is finished, it takes one day to carry out open-air maintenance. The mold can be opened the next day. After the mold is opened, it takes 4-6 days of natural maintenance. Every day, the person must spray the cement pipe three times. Usually, it is once in the morning, once in the afternoon, once in the afternoon. The purpose of spraying water is to keep the humidity of the cement pipe making the machine so that the concrete can solidify slowly. The number of water sprays can also be based on weather conditions and weather. Our company has Paver Cement Brick Machine, welcome to come to consult.