Cement Pipe Machine Noise Solution

Pulished on Jul. 23, 2019

Many people may encounter an annoying problem when using cement pipe machines, that is, the noise of the machine operation, then how can we solve the running noise of the cement pipe machine? The Concrete Pipe Making Machine Factory will lead everyone to take a look.

1. For the noise in the use of cement pipe machine, first, check the components of the equipment. According to the position of the noise generated by the cement pipe machine, check the parts of the equipment carefully. If the noise is caused by the worn parts of the equipment, Replace parts in time.

2. Inhale air from the oil suction pipe or shaft seal, replace the seal, and repair the joint surface;

Cement Pipe Machine

3. Plan the placement of the Cement Pipe Machine. If the equipment is placed unevenly on the ground, it may cause smoothness in the operation of the equipment. Therefore, when placing the cement pipe machine, it is necessary to select the position reasonably.

4. The stator and blades are heavily worn and new parts are updated.

5. Reasonably select the hydraulic pump of the cement pipe making machine. Under the premise of ensuring the required power and flow rate, try to select the hydraulic pump with low speed. In practical applications, the composite pump can also be selected.