Block Making Machine Matures With the Development of Green Buildings

Pulished on Jun. 21, 2019

As an Automatic Block Machine Manufacturer, let's introduce the China Block Making Machine to everyone.

China Block Making Machine itself is a kind of machine that realizes resource reuse and saves energy. It is a new type of brick machine and has many features that clay brick machine does not have. The block machine has been developed from basic brick machine to various types of brick machine such as face pallet machine, cement brick machine, and hollow brick machine. The new block forming machine has the characteristics of compact structure, large pressing force, strong rigidity, simple operation, high output, and durability. The feeder of the block machine is equipped with the most advanced technology and the transmission force is large. Smooth operation, accurate positioning, low maintenance rate and so on.

China Block Making Machine

China Block Making Machine saves energy according to the requirements of contemporary architecture, and buildings built with new wall materials save about 32% of the material. The outer layer of the building is inspired by the construction principle of the thermos bottle. It adopts optimized thermal insulation technology and relies on different separation and construction methods to form a temperature buffering part from the inside to the outside, which will play a significant energy-saving role.