SY3000 Curb Stone Machine

Product Description

The machine is mainly used for producing all kinds of crash-against, water-proof curbs, grass planting bricks, slope protecting bricks, color arc tiles around trees and other large sized concrete products within the size of 800*400*200mm (with two working positions ) and 450*450*200mm with four working positions.

Technical parameters:

1) Biggest pressure: 3,000kN

2) A path: 250mm x 2

3) Electrical engineering power: 22.7kW

4) Set a weight: 11,200kg/14,200kg

5) Size: 9,300 x 1,150 x 3,600 (9,300 x 1,150 x 3,650mm

6) Day yield: biggest

7) Length: 1,000mm

8) Road stone: 500pcs


1) Has double step with direction post, pushing drawing die, elevator equipment, Well-knit and complete function, rational design in hydraulic pressure and electric control system.

2) All the devices select best brands of products from abroad for use

3) Can make sure machine, electric, hydraulic safe operation.

4) This machine is suitable for product prevent hitting building blocks, road beach stone, protective slop building blocks.

5) The largest processing size is 1,000 x 500 x 200mm

6) The production has correct sizes, clear point and high anti-pressure

SY3000 Curb Stone Machine

SY3000 Curb Stone Machine

SY3000 Curb Stone Machine

SY3000 Curb Stone Machine

SY3000 Curb Stone Machine