Common Problems And Solutions For Concrete Pole Machine

Pulished on Apr. 20, 2019

As a Hydraulic Concrete Block Machine Factory, we have the following suggestions for the problems that often occur with the Concrete Pole Machine.

1. Clutch heating

Analysis of the cause: The axial pressure is not enough, the friction plate slips to produce high temperature, and in severe cases, the friction plate is burned out.

Remedy: Adjust the adjusting ring or adjust the nut to make the clutch have sufficient pressure.

Concrete Pole Machine

2. The clutch can't be opened

Reason analysis: 1 The outer friction disc and the inner triangle of the large triangular pulley, the inner friction disc and the inner pressure plate have small clearance and foreign matter. 2 The above clearance is large and the separation spring pressure is inconsistent. 3 The position of the guide key and keyway is not suitable.

Remedy: 1 Increase the matching clearance to remove dirt. 2 Replace the inner and outer friction discs and select the spring. 3 Repair the keyway so that the guide keys are unobstructed.

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