Precautions to Prevent the Loss of Cement Tube Making Machine

Pulished on Aug. 16, 2019

As a Concrete Electric Pole Mould Supplier, we will explain the Keep Tube Making Machine to prevent loss.

1. Cement is one of the most common raw materials in daily production. The first point is to pay attention to the choice of cement varieties. According to the actual situation, the cement type should be selected reasonably. The cement with high strength and good durability should be selected. It is good to choose the type of cement exported by the company. According to the conditions of use of the cement pipe machine, the corresponding cement varieties with special properties, such as sulfate-resistant cement and refractory cement, should be selected.

Cement Tube Making Machine

Cement Tube Making Machine

2. After selecting the appropriate cement, the second point to be aware of is to properly control the proportion of water ash in the production process of Concrete Electric Pole Making Machine, and the amount of cement. The ratio of water ash is the density of concrete. The main factor, so this must be sloppy. The amount of cement not only affects the strength of the concrete but also seriously affects the durability of the concrete, so the water-cement ratio and the amount of cement must be strictly controlled. Ensuring a sufficient amount of cement can also improve the compactness and durability of the concrete.

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