Paving Brick Machine Instructions II

Pulished on Mar. 12, 2019

As a  Paving Brick Machine Factory, Shengya will tell you how to use the Paving Brick Machine.

5. At the starting line of the paving walkway, erect a horizontal cross-bar perpendicular to the roadside stone, install the lower part of the brick under the machine, and then start to block the brick from the cross-bar to the machine direction. The code brick is level with the machine hopper. 

6. The hydraulic paver is connected to the main machine. After the host position is determined, the hydraulic switch is turned on, the hydraulic motor works, and the operating handle is used. (1) The width of the telescopic paver is adjusted to a suitable position, and the width is based on the inner side of the roadside stone. Generally, it is generally less than 80 mm of the inner width of the roadside stone, that is, there are 30-40MM gaps on both sides; (2) The paving is lowered to the fixed basic sand surface, and the bottom surface of the sand scraping board is flat with the basic sand surface. Finally, adjust the four-sided support wheel to the top of the road.

7. Insert the plug of the machine walking corrector into the control hole, install the external part in place, and perform manual test. After confirming the error, the paving work is completed.

8. The speed of paving work should be controlled. It is determined according to the number of manuals and the proficiency of operation. The speed can be adjusted on the control panel.

9. Before working, turn on the hydraulic switch. After the stirring system is running, turn on the upper brick conveyor and finally turn on the main unit.

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