How To Solve The Problem Of Lego Brick Machine Noise

Pulished on Mar. 18, 2019

As a Movable Block Making Machine Supplier, let us introduce how to solve the noise problem of Lego Brick Machine.

The noise generated by the hydraulic brick machine is too large. The first thing to check is the fixing between the various parts of the machine. Because when the machine is not fixed, a series of vibrations will occur, and the vibration will produce the machine. The noise of operation, if not detected in time and eradicated, will cause serious wear and damage to the machine for long-term operation, so it is very important to maintain the machine in time. The difference between hydraulic brick making methods is:

Lego Brick Machine

The hydraulic brick making machine is divided into two forms: hydroforming and vibration forming. When the hydraulic brick making machine is vibrating, the oil pressure of the indenter cylinder decreases synchronously with the vibration of the mixing material in the mold box. At this time, the indenter cylinder is at the same time. In the low-pressure floating state, it is impossible to apply a large pressure. In addition, if a large pressure is applied during vibration molding, the vibration load is greatly increased, the amplitude is greatly attenuated, and the vibration system does not vibrate. Therefore, regardless of the hydraulic transmission or the pneumatic and mechanical transmission molding machine, the hydraulic brick making machine mainly relies on vibration to make the material dense and form high strength. Hydraulic drive, pneumatic or mechanical transmission of hydraulic brick machine, the molding output is not much difference, the output is mainly depends on the configuration of its auxiliary machine and the automation level design of the entire production line.

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