Structural Features Of Hydraulic Concrete Block Machine

Pulished on Feb. 13, 2019

Structural features of Hydraulic Concrete Block Machine:

1. The classic vibration mode, especially suitable for the production of high-strength blocks, standard bricks and so on. The molding cycle is short and the efficiency is high.

2. Taiwan vibration machine dedicated high-efficiency vibrator, strong excitation force, the product's compact effect is better.

3. Forming into a large product, can produce a variety of cement products, a wide range of production.

4. Forced mechanical positioning, fast and uniform cloth, accurate products, good consistency.

5. Fully automatic PLC control system, interactive man-machine interface, control system configuration safety logic control, production program and fault diagnosis display function.

6. The production cost is low, and the raw materials can fully use various waste residues such as sand, stone powder, fly ash and slag.

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QT4-30 small hydraulic concrete block machine for cement blocks, interlocking bricks