The Reason Why Hydraulic Concrete Block Machine Can Not Start Smoothly

Pulished on Jan. 11, 2019

It is not necessarily the responsibility of the manufacturer to start the Hydraulic Concrete Block Machine. All the equipment must pass the test machine. Only the successful operation and production of the shaped cement bricks can be shipped, so we say that we produce each A device is very successful and there is no phenomenon that it cannot be started. For the feedback of customers, our installers will check according to the customer's phenomenon.

1. Check the line to see if there is a problem with the connector of the line or the line is not connected. 

2. Voltage problems, voltage problems are also possible, because we have a rated voltage of 380v, and some customers are far from the transformer, so the voltage may be weakened to less than 350 when transported, so that This leads to the ability to start smoothly and sometimes not to start. This is also a phenomenon.

3. The motor problem, because some customers do not have a motor when purchasing equipment, they are all going home to buy, maybe the customer did not buy according to our requirements, because we require the motor of the hydraulic brick machine must be the national standard Because the quality and power of non-standard motors are not up to standard, if it can not be started smoothly, customers should check whether the power of the motor is sufficient.

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QT5-15 Full automatic hydraulic concrete block production line for cement blocks and interlocking bricks