What Is The Reason For The Maintenance Of Block Making Machine?

Pulished on Dec. 07, 2018

Block Making Machine mostly works in harsh environments such as sediment, gravel, rain and wind and snow. The technical situation of Brick Making Machine must be faster than other machinery, and the cooperation between parts will show different degrees of looseness, wear, rust and scaling. Such phenomena, resulting in the mating nature of the joints, the positional relationship between the parts and the coordination of the work of the mechanism will be affected to varying degrees, resulting in a decline in performance indicators such as power, economy, reliability, and even cause machine accidents. Therefore, we must pay attention to the technical maintenance of the brick-free machine.

In the actual work, the maintenance of the Movable Block Making Machine often does not attract enough attention, mainly as follows:

1. There is the idea of "repairing and supporting the family." There is no technical maintenance plan at all, the machine often carries "sick" work, and only when the machine can no longer work, it is sent for repair.

2. Due to the limitation of the harsh environmental conditions of the construction site, the technical maintenance is not carried out according to the maintenance regulations. It is to think about what to maintain and what to look for.

3. The quality of the personnel participating in the maintenance is low, and it cannot be carried out according to the maintenance procedures, and there is no corresponding maintenance record.

4. When the funds are scarce, do not maintain on time, or use unqualified oil and spare parts.

5. When the construction period is tense, it is necessary to make progress, not to maintain as scheduled, to ignore the mechanical operation and forcibly work.

QM4-45 Diesel mobile concrete block making machine